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Blessings of the Water Clearing


Blessings of the Water Clearing

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  • This free 20 minute meditation is an offering from me to you! By receiving this meditation you will be subscribed to my email list. You can always unsubscribe again.

    You can do the meditation when you have time and space for yourself. To deeply relax, it's best you sit or lie down somewhere where you can not be disturbed and feel comfortable. Please don't do this meditation while driving. This meditation is a clearing which has the potential to remove some blocks and energy that is no longer serving you. It can make you feel lighter & relaxed. Don't forget to drink some water afterwards & enjoy !! :-)


    With love, 

    PS. I recorded the meditation at this lake that you see on the video. It is Lake Bosomtwe in Ghana :-) Click on 'Add to cart' if you want to receive the meditation!