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zo 29 aug


Zoom - evenement is in het Engels

Als de wind fluistert

Groepskaurischelpsessie & meditatie

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Als de wind fluistert
Als de wind fluistert

Tijd en locatie

29 aug 2021, 17:30 GMT

Zoom - evenement is in het Engels


Over het evenement

Please read this before you book your spot:

Spirit asked me to organize this collective cowry shell session for the first time online. I have been doing this in real life with people & it is always an intriguing experience. I don't know which messages will come through or what will happen, as I follow the guidance of spirit in what needs to happen or be said.


What  I do know is that the messages that come through for the group will be there for a reason and. Sometimes we only understand the messages after a few days or weeks even. Most of the time there is an energetic field that is created with everyone present and the most important messages that need to be heard for all of us together at that time, will come through. 


Our gathering will end with a meditation, guided by me, where energetically I will bring healing energy in. During this meditation you can lie down and relax, to integrate all the messages. I will create a safe energetic container so that all of you can feel safe in receiving the messages & the meditation.


I recommend that you allocate 2 full hours for this gathering. I follow the guidance of Spirit so the duration could be less, but I will respect the timing in the sense that it won't be more than two hours. See that you can have your own space and that you won't be disturbed. This event will be in English.


Ready to dive in some deep mystical energies together?

Looking forward to have you !


* * * limites spaces available * * *



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